End-position - Truck

Category: end-position

Name: truck

Description: Ending at truck position

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Video Dog Fight to Truck Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world. art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::truck flexibility::some move::setup start-position::half-guard submission::armbar submission::twister uniform::nogi
Video Flexibility Issues with the Truck Brandon Mccaghren 617 Likes, 4 Comments - Brandon Mccaghren (@brandonmc.ninja) on Instagram: “Here’s a fix. ___ #BJJ #10p4l #JiuJitsu” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::truck flexibility::some move::pass move::setup start-position::seated uniform::nogi
Video Flipping the Truck Brandon Mccaghren 279 Likes, 9 Comments - Brandon Mccaghren (@brandonmc.ninja) on Instagram: “Here’s a very sneaky move and one of my favorite moves in all of jiu jitsu. There’s a neutral…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::truck move::counter move::escape start-position::half-guard uniform::nogi
Video Arm Drag Twister Roll Takedown Asaf Michaelovitz 358 Likes, 51 Comments - Asaf Michaelovitz Jiu Jitsu (@asaf_mich) on Instagram: “ARMDRAG TWISTER ROLL TAKEDOWN Takedown or guard pulls? Let me know your thoughts in the comments…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::back-mount end-position::truck flexibility::some move::submission move::takedown start-position::standing uniform::nogi
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