End-position - Back-mount

Category: end-position

Name: back-mount

Description: Ending at back mount

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Video The Versatile Elbow Push 115 Likes, 2 Comments - Krishna Mirjah (@krishna001) on Instagram: “#FBF to using the versatile elbow push, which is most effective before your opponent solidifies…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount move::counter move::escape start-position::side-mount uniform::nogi
Video Teleport Back Take on Hip Escape 104 Likes, 3 Comments - Krishna Mirjah (@krishna001) on Instagram: “Always seeking out openings during hip escapes. Few angles of a gift wrap to a teleport backtake.…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::back-mount move::pass start-position::side-mount uniform::nogi
Video Back Take from the Closed Guard Dan Covel 18 Likes, 1 Comments - @dancoveljiujitsu on Instagram: “People have asked about the set up from the closed guard back take I hit in the video from…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount move::pass start-position::guard start-position::have-guard uniform::gi
Video Levers for Sweeps or Backtakes Steve O'Keefe BJJ Globetrotters Iceland Camp art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount move::sweep move::theory uniform::nogi
Video Back Take from the Closed Guard Dan Covel 26 Likes, 0 Comments - @dancoveljiujitsu on Instagram: “Technique of the week: back take off the closed guard attacks and frames. Enjoy!…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::pass start-position::guard start-position::have-guard uniform::nogi
Video Countering the Berimbolo Mario Hudelist 459 Likes, 30 Comments - Mario Hudelist | BJJ Drills (@mariodrills) on Instagram: “Step over both legs counter against berimbolo — Not high percentage but works against people who…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::back-mount flexibility::some move::counter start-position::berimbolo uniform::gi
Video Back Take When Opponent Defends the Hooks Tom Deblass 92 Likes, 1 Comments - Tom DeBlass (@tomdeblass) on Instagram: “Here is a great way to enter hooks with your opponent is being extremely defensive from the turtle…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::pass move::setup start-position::turtle uniform::nogi
Video Collar Drag Single 177 Likes, 0 Comments - BJJ fanatics (@bjj.fanatics) on Instagram: “COLLAR DRAG SINGLE from @asgbjj and @bjj.fanatics 🔥 @bjjfanaticsbrasil 🔥 BJJFanatics.com 🔥 Know…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::takedown start-position::seated uniform::gi
Video Closed Guard to Armbar to Back Take Asaf Michaelovitz 128 Likes, 30 Comments - Asaf Michaelovitz Jiu Jitsu (@asaf_michbjj) on Instagram: “CLOSED GUARD - ARMBAR - BACKTAKE When attempting an armbar from the bottom, your opponent will…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::pass start-position::guard start-position::have-guard submission::armbar uniform::gi
Video Jedi Mind Trick Asaf Michaelovitz 44 Likes, 12 Comments - Asaf Michaelovitz Jiu Jitsu (@asaf_michbjj) on Instagram: “May the 4th be with you! No better move to post on Star Wars day than the Jedi Mind Trick! Make…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::back-mount move::pass uniform::gi start-position::standing
Video Back Take From Shin to Shin Alec Baulding 17 Likes, 4 Comments - Alec Baulding (@alecbaulding) on Instagram: “Taking the back from the shin to shin guard. I’m a big believer of using the same side arm as your…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::counter start-position::standing uniform::nogi
Video Knee Slice Pass Counter to Back Take Dustin Akbari 430 Likes, 9 Comments - Dustin akbari (@persian.fury) on Instagram: “Here is a good counter I covered in my class today with @alex_s125 💪! Simple, yet super effective…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::counter start-position::guard start-position::have-guard uniform::nogi
Video D'Arce Choke Countering AbelBJJ 187 Likes, 2 Comments - AbelBjj (@abelbjj) on Instagram: “Countering D'Arce Choke Attempt by @rfskids 👈💥🔥#abelbjj #abelbjjdrills #illuminatijitsu…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::back-mount move::counter submission::darce uniform::nogi
Video North South Roll to Back Escape Pedro Sauer Master Pedro Sauer, Eighth degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Red/Black belt, shows the details of a north south escape. Filmed at the Pedro Sauer Total Self-Defense... art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::back-mount move::escape start-position::north-south uniform::gi
Video Backtake from Turtle Position Chewjitsu During a few of my matches this year I've been able to hit a back take form side control when the person starts to defend. In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Oftentimes... art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::drill position::turtle start-position::turtle uniform::nogi
Video De La Riva To Chair Guard to Back Take 1,958 Likes, 68 Comments - DOM BELL (@dubious_dom) on Instagram: “Using the “Chair Guard” to elevate and capitalize. Tag your guard playing friends! - @rush_threads…” art::bjj difficulty::black end-position::back-mount move::counter position::dlr start-position::dlr uniform::gi
Video De La Riva To Leg Drag to Backtake Mario Hudelist 384 Likes, 25 Comments - Mario Hudelist | BJJ Drills (@mariodrills) on Instagram: “DLR + hips to the mat + one hook Legdrag + backtake — ⭐️Just Drill it⭐️” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::back-mount move::pass move::setup move::transition start-position::dlr uniform::gi
Video Sit-up Guard to Arm Drag to Rear Naked Mario Hudelist 477 Likes, 31 Comments - Mario Hudelist | BJJ Drills (@mariodrills) on Instagram: “Situp Guard armdrag to the back — ⭐️Just Drill it⭐️” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount move::pass move::submission start-position::guard start-position::seated submission::rear-naked uniform::nogi
Video The Easiest Half Guard Sweep for White Belts Lucas Leite Bernardo Faria 1,568 Likes, 17 Comments - @bernardofariabjj on Instagram: “The Easiest Half Guard Sweep For BJJ White Belt (Beginners) By Lucas Leite - Download Bernardo…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::sweep start-position::half-guard start-position::knee-shield uniform::nogi
Video Arm Drag Twister Roll Takedown Asaf Michaelovitz 358 Likes, 51 Comments - Asaf Michaelovitz Jiu Jitsu (@asaf_mich) on Instagram: “ARMDRAG TWISTER ROLL TAKEDOWN Takedown or guard pulls? Let me know your thoughts in the comments…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::back-mount end-position::truck flexibility::some move::submission move::takedown start-position::standing uniform::nogi
Video Iceland Camp 2018: Back Takes with Bruno Matias Bruno Matias BJJ Globetrotters Iceland Camp art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::back-mount move::transition position::back-mount uniform::nogi
Video Summer Camp 2017: Arm drag from closed guard with David Morcegao David George (Morcegao) Invisible Jiu Jitsu YouTube Channel Invisible Jiu Jitsu Facebook Page BJJ Globetrotters Summer Camp in Belgium art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount start-position::guard start-position::have-guard uniform::gi move::pass move::transition
Video Back Control to Crucifix to Back Control Dan Covel 104 Likes, 3 Comments - @dancoveljiujitsu on Instagram: “Another technique from the back to the crucifix back to the back to finish. Enjoy!…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::back-mount flexibility::some move::setup move::transition start-position::back-mount start-position::crucifix submission::rear-naked uniform::nogi
Video Closed Guard Using Far Leg to Back Take Dan Covel 197 Likes, 6 Comments - @dancoveljiujitsu on Instagram: “Technique of the week: opponent is aggressive and posting their head on your face from closed…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::back-mount move::pass start-position::guard start-position::have-guard uniform::nogi
Video Side Control Escape Going to the Back Tom Scala Bernardo Faria 978 Likes, 15 Comments - @bernardofariabjj on Instagram: “SIDE CONTROL ESCAPE GOING TO THE BACK BY @tomscala . . . For more BJJ Instructional Videos check…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::escape move::transition start-position::side-mount uniform::gi
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