Start-position - Seated

Category: start-position

Name: seated

Description: Starting at on your butt

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Video Safely Dealing with a Bum Rush Pass Marcelo Garcia 2 Part Lesson - Marcelo holds guard by determining and owning the inside space. As the opponent collides with you to pass, retract and coil yourself to gener... art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::seated move::defense start-position::seated uniform::gi
Video Ezekiel from Guillotine Defense 45 Likes, 6 Comments - Greg Wood (@pmabjj) on Instagram: “If your guillotine set-ups are getting thwarted when your opponent passes the legs, and brings…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::in-submission flexibility::none move::counter move::submission start-position::seated submission::ezekiel uniform::nogi
Video Shin to Shin Guard Backtake off Back Step 547 Likes, 20 Comments - Sean Applegate (@trapplegate10p) on Instagram: “Haven’t posted anything for you guys in a while, so here you go! :) nice little back take from the…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::counter start-position::seated uniform::nogi
Video Flexibility Issues with the Truck Brandon Mccaghren 617 Likes, 4 Comments - Brandon Mccaghren ( on Instagram: “Here’s a fix. ___ #BJJ #10p4l #JiuJitsu” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::truck flexibility::some move::pass move::setup start-position::seated uniform::nogi
Video Butterfly Sweep and Guillotine Setup TimuraBJJ 844 Likes, 12 Comments - Timura BJJ (@timura_bjj) on Instagram: “Explosive butterfly sweep + clever guillotine setup. . I learned this combination many years ago…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::in-submission end-position::mount flexibility::none move::pass move::submission start-position::seated submission::guillotine uniform::nogi
Video Shield Guard Watch 100+ FREE instructional videos from our camps on art::bjj difficulty::blue flexibility::none move::position move::theory start-position::guard start-position::seated uniform::nogi
Video Collar Drag Single 177 Likes, 0 Comments - BJJ fanatics (@bjj.fanatics) on Instagram: “COLLAR DRAG SINGLE from @asgbjj and @bjj.fanatics 🔥 @bjjfanaticsbrasil 🔥 🔥 Know…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount flexibility::none move::takedown start-position::seated uniform::gi
Video Easy Berimbolo Entry Alec Baulding 208 Likes, 28 Comments - Alec Baulding (@alecbaulding) on Instagram: “Easy bolo entry for those people scared of bolos. I know a lot of students that don’t know where to…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::berimbolo move::setup move::transition start-position::seated uniform::gi
Video Arm Drag to Crucifix Asaf Michaelovitz 360 Likes, 32 Comments - Asaf Michaelovitz Jiu Jitsu (@asaf_michbjj) on Instagram: “Help me make more videos! Follow, tag your friends and comment what would you like to see in future…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::crucifix move::pass start-position::seated uniform::gi
Video Wing Sweep to Triangle Brandon Mccaghren 179 Likes, 10 Comments - Brandon Mccaghren ( on Instagram: “Wing Sweep -> Triangle Choke” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::in-submission flexibility::none move::counter move::sweep start-position::seated submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Shin to Shin Guard Basics Alec Baulding 198 Likes, 32 Comments - Alec Baulding (@alecbaulding) on Instagram: “Shin to shin guard basics. The shin to shin is a great way to establish your guard in no gi since…” art::bjj difficulty::blue move::theory start-position::seated uniform::nogi
Video Hip Mobility Drills Thomas Lisboa 1,068 Likes, 22 Comments - BJJ fanatics (@bjj.fanatics) on Instagram: “HIP MOBILITY DRILLS FROM @thomaslisboajj 🔥 @bjj.fanatics 🔥 @bjjfanaticsbrasil 🔥 🔥…” art::bjj move::drill start-position::seated
Video Straight Arm Lock John Danaher Bernardo Faria 2,496 Likes, 25 Comments - @bernardofariabjj on Instagram: “3 Submissions Every BJJ Black Belt Should Know by Craig Jones, Bernardo Faria John Danaher Part…” art::bjj difficulty::white flexibility::some move::setup move::submission move::theory start-position::seated submission::arm-lock uniform::nogi
Video Sit-up Guard to Arm Drag to Rear Naked Mario Hudelist 477 Likes, 31 Comments - Mario Hudelist | BJJ Drills (@mariodrills) on Instagram: “Situp Guard armdrag to the back — ⭐️Just Drill it⭐️” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::back-mount move::pass move::submission start-position::guard start-position::seated submission::rear-naked uniform::nogi
Video Snap Guard Socket Triangle Neil Melanson 792 Likes, 10 Comments - BJJ fanatics (@bjj.fanatics) on Instagram: “COMING SOON FROM @neilmelansonmma and @bjj.fanatics 🔥 Snap Guard 🔥 For now check out this SNAP…” art::bjj difficulty::blue flexibility::some move::submission start-position::seated submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video BJJ Grip and Body Movement Warmup Bernardo Faria 2,382 Likes, 32 Comments - @bernardofariabjj on Instagram: “VERY COOL BJJ WARM UP . . . For more BJJ Instructional Videos check out & my…” art::bjj move::drill start-position::seated uniform::gi move::warmup
Video Summer Camp 2018: Robson’s Airline with Robson Barbosa Robson Barbosa BJJ Globetrotters Summer Camp in Belgium art::bjj difficulty::blue flexibility::some move::submission start-position::have-guard start-position::seated submission::armbar uniform::gi
Video Understanding the Berimbolo Gianni Grippo Bernardo Faria 996 Likes, 6 Comments - @bernardofariabjj on Instagram: “UNDERSTANDING THE BERIMBOLO BY @giannigrippo For more BJJ Instructional Videos check out…” art::bjj difficulty::blue flexibility::some move::theory position::berimbolo start-position::berimbolo start-position::dlr start-position::seated uniform::gi
Video Berimbolo to Calf Slicer to Outside Heel Hook AbelBJJ 215 Likes, 8 Comments - AbelBjj (@abelbjj) on Instagram: “Berimbolo/Calf Slicer/Outside Heelhook 🌪️💥👣🔒(Under Construcion🚧) #abelbjj #abelbjjdrills…” art::bjj difficulty::purple flexibility::some move::submission start-position::seated submission::calf-slicer submission::heel-hook submission::slicer uniform::nogi start-position::berimbolo
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