Start-position - X-guard

Category: start-position

Name: x-guard

Description: Starting at X Guard

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Video Single Leg X to X Guard Flow Drill 1,072 Likes, 17 Comments - Jordan Holy (@jholy90) on Instagram: “A little something I did at one of my last seminars. Flowing between guards is essential when…” art::bjj difficulty::blue move::drill move::flow start-position::single-leg-x start-position::x-guard uniform::nogi
Video Sneaky Kneebar From X-Guard Alec Baulding 348 Likes, 41 Comments - Alec Baulding (@alecbaulding) on Instagram: “Sneaky kneebar from the x guard. I first saw Lucas lepri hit this move in a tournament years ago.…” art::bjj difficulty::purple move::submission start-position::x-guard submission::knee-bar uniform::gi
Video Reverse De La Riva to Tornado X Guard to Ending with Outside Sankuku Inside Heep Hook AbelBJJ 355 Likes, 29 Comments - AbelBjj (@abelbjj) on Instagram: “Reverse DLR toTornado X Guard Control ending with Outside Sankaku Inside Heelhook 🔄❌🌪️💥👣🔐#abelbjj…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::ashi-garami flexibility::some move::setup move::submission start-position::rdlr start-position::x-guard submission::heel-hook uniform::nogi
Video Zen Camp 2018: Different approach to the X guard with Halldór Valsson Halldór Valsson BJJ Globetrotters Zen Camp difficulty::blue flexibility::some position::x-guard start-position::x-guard uniform::nogi
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