Position - Guard

Category: position

Name: guard

Description: having or being in guard

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Video Inverting To Stop the Guard Pass Tom Deblass 2,284 Likes, 47 Comments - Tom DeBlass (@tomdeblass) on Instagram: “Inverting to stop the guard pass! When the man on active and beats your bottom leg we MUST invert.…” art::bjj difficulty::blue move::theory position::guard position::have-guard start-position::have-guard uniform::nogi
Video Summer Camp 2017: The Impassable Guard – Granby Roll with David Morcegao David George (Morcegao) Invisible Jiu Jitsu YouTube Channel Invisible Jiu Jitsu Facebook Page BJJ Globetrotters Summer Camp in Belgium art::bjj difficulty::blue flexibility::some move::theory position::guard position::have-guard uniform::nogi
Video Zen Camp 2018: Guard Retention with Wim Deputter Wim Deputter  art::bjj difficulty::white flexibility::some move::theory position::guard position::have-guard start-position::guard start-position::have-guard uniform::nogi
Video Fall Camp 2018: Ass up head down passing with David Morcegao David George (Morcegao) BJJ Globetrotters Fall Camp art::bjj difficulty::white flexibility::some move::pass position::guard position::in-guard start-position::guard start-position::in-guard uniform::gi
Video USA Camp 2018: Closed Guard Gi Attacks with Rich Sab Rich Sab BJJ Globetrotters USA Camp in Maine art::bjj difficulty::white move::submission position::guard start-position::guard uniform::gi
Video Details To Open the Closed Guard Dan McCarthy Bernardo Faria 1,034 Likes, 13 Comments - @bernardofariabjj on Instagram: “GREAT DETAIL TO OPEN THE CLOSED GUARD BY DAN MC CARTHY . . . For more BJJ Instructional Videos…” art::bjj difficulty::white move::theory position::guard position::in-guard start-position::guard start-position::in-guard uniform::gi
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