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Name: flow

Description: explanation of a flow

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Video Takedown, Omaplata, Attack Flow Dustin Akbari 24 Likes, 0 Comments - Dustin akbari (@persian.fury) on Instagram: “A fairly advanced series I covered with my advance students today. Too many elements within this…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::in-submission flexibility::some move::flow move::submission move::takedown start-position::standing submission::omaplata uniform::nogi
Video Passing Flow: Guard with Knee Push to Mount Kent Peters 235 Likes, 28 Comments - Kent Peters (@thekentpeters) on Instagram: “Passing Flow: Drop knee to force half, twist down, underhook/crossface, walk foot up and instep…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::mount flexibility::none move::flow move::pass start-position::guard start-position::in-guard uniform::nogi
Video E Warmups with Electric Chair and Executioner Priscilla Herrera Curtis Hembroff 550 Likes, 6 Comments - Priscilla Herrera (@nogipriss) on Instagram: “Love me some E Day flows. E4 is our #ElectricChair route. We whip, suck, uppercut duck, to bump,…” art::bjj difficulty::blue move::drill move::flow move::warmup start-position::deep-half-guard uniform::nogi
Video G1: No Hands Pass 10P Warmup Priscilla Herrera Curtis Hembroff 86 Likes, 2 Comments - Priscilla Herrera (@nogipriss) on Instagram: “G1: No Hands Pass with @curtis10p @10PATX @onnitgymmma Study @10pwarmups on…” art::bjj difficulty::white flexibility::some move::flow move::warmup start-position::half-guard submission::armbar uniform::nogi
Video Single Leg X to X Guard Flow Drill 1,072 Likes, 17 Comments - Jordan Holy (@jholy90) on Instagram: “A little something I did at one of my last seminars. Flowing between guards is essential when…” art::bjj difficulty::blue move::drill move::flow start-position::single-leg-x start-position::x-guard uniform::nogi
Video Choke Drill: D'Arce Attempt to Guillotine to Anaconda to D'Arce to Rolling Anaconda AbelBJJ 197 Likes, 4 Comments - AbelBjj (@abelbjj) on Instagram: “Choke Drill✔️D'Arce Choke Attempt➡️Guillotine➡️Anaconda Choke🐍➡️D'Arce Choke➡️Rolling Anaconda…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::in-submission flexibility::none move::drill move::flow start-position::in-submission submission::anaconda-choke submission::darce submission::guillotine uniform::nogi
Video Leg Drag to Toe Hold Cross Ashi Garami with Heelhook Finish AbelBJJ 239 Likes, 25 Comments - AbelBjj (@abelbjj) on Instagram: “Leg Drag to Toe hold Cross Ashi Garami Ending with 2 types of Grip/Control to get a Beautiful…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::in-submission move::flow move::submission start-position::standing submission::heel-hook uniform::nogi
Video Single Leg to Wrong X to Ashi Garami to Heel Hook Kent Peters 683 Likes, 46 Comments - Kent Peters (@thekentpeters) on Instagram: “Single leg -> stuff head outside -> swing in ashi -> wrong x -> heel hook 👣🔒🧟‍♂️…” art::bjj difficulty::blue move::flow start-position::standing submission::heel-hook uniform::nogi end-position::in-submission
Video Grips to Headlock to Choke Finish Dan Covel 198 Likes, 5 Comments - @dancoveljiujitsu on Instagram: “Technique of the week: grips to headlock, to turn to the mat to turtle, to choke finish. Enjoy!…” art::bjj move::flow move::submission move::takedown start-position::standing submission::chokes uniform::nogi
Video White Belt Flow Drill Jacob McClintock Novia uniao and blackbelt under gustvao dantas Jacob McClintock teaches a beginner flow drill. 4× U.S. National Champion 4× Pan American ... art::bjj difficulty::white flexibility::none move::drill move::flow submission::armbar submission::omaplata uniform::gi
Video 10th Planet B1 Warmups: Leg Locks, Rolling Kimura, Marcelotines, Rolling Toe Holds Priscilla Herrera Curtis Hembroff 2,007 Likes, 29 Comments - Priscilla Herrera (@nogipriss) on Instagram: “B.O.B “Under the Dome” : 10P Warmups B Series with @curtis10p • Wearing 1st & 2nd gen @10PATX gear.…” art::bjj difficulty::blue move::drill move::flow submission::guillotine submission::heel-hook submission::leg-lock submission::toe-hold uniform::nogi move::warmup
Video Half Guard to Ashi Garami with Heel Hook Finish 10th Planet Banbury UK 84 Likes, 3 Comments - 10th Planet Banbury (@10th_planet_banbury) on Instagram: “The “I HAVE THE POWER!” Flow to let @jimmytwenty2 know we miss him 🥰 #10p4l #jiujitsu #grappling…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::ashi-garami flexibility::some move::flow move::pass move::setup move::submission move::transition start-position::half-butterfly-guard start-position::half-guard submission::heel-hook uniform::nogi
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