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Name: triangle

Description: Any triangle or triangle variation should be tagged with this

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Video Triangles from Everywhere 1,378 Likes, 7 Comments - OLEG KOSTERENKOV (@kosterenkow) on Instagram: “Triangle Choke #khv_sport #sportkhv #ufc #khvlive #motivation #sport #грепплинг #Хабаровск…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::in-submission flexibility::none move::submission start-position::back-mount submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Nullify the Head and Arm Choke Asaf Michaelovitz 51 Likes, 14 Comments - Asaf Michaelovitz Jiu Jitsu (@asaf_michbjj) on Instagram: “NULLIFY THE HEAD AND ARM CHOKE You asked for it, you got it! Shoutout to @benjamindu and…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::in-submission move::escape move::submission start-position::in-submission submission::arm-triangle submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Mounted Triangle From Hell Kent Peters 61 Likes, 7 Comments - Kent Peters (@thekentpeters) on Instagram: “Throwback: Mounted Triangle From Hell 🚫🧟‍♂️ @supernaturalsurvivalgear @zombieproofbjj…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::in-submission move::submission start-position::mount submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Deep Half Counter to Triangle Brandon Mccaghren 1,572 Likes, 43 Comments - Brandon Mccaghren ( on Instagram: “Countering Deep Half with a Triangle Choke. ___ #BJJ #10p4l #JiuJitsu” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::in-submission flexibility::none move::counter move::submission start-position::deep-half-guard submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Different Triangle Setup From Guard TimuraBJJ 1,467 Likes, 28 Comments - Timura BJJ (@timura_bjj) on Instagram: “Cool triangle set up from closed guard. #repost #bjj #triangle #guard #closedguard #jiujitsu #choke…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::in-submission flexibility::some move::submission start-position::guard start-position::have-guard submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Triangle Choke Against Deep Half Guard Brandon Mccaghren 1,431 Likes, 48 Comments - Brandon Mccaghren ( on Instagram: “A small clip from my recent Deep Half Guard course. It’s 4 weeks dedicated to drilling and holding…” art::bjj difficulty::blue end-position::in-submission move::counter move::submission start-position::deep-half-guard submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Hip Bump to Triangle and Kimura Alex Masterskya 333 Likes, 25 Comments - Alex Masterskya (@alexmasterskya) on Instagram art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::in-submission move::drill move::setup move::submission start-position::guard start-position::in-guard submission::kimura submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Finishing a Triangle Choke with Short Legs Alec Baulding 138 Likes, 28 Comments - Alec Baulding (@alecbaulding) on Instagram: “Finishing the triangle choke. If you have short legs the triangle choke can seem impossible to do.…” art::bjj build::little-people difficulty::white end-position::in-submission flexibility::none move::submission move::theory position::in-submission start-position::in-submission submission::triangle uniform::gi
Video Wing Sweep to Triangle Brandon Mccaghren 179 Likes, 10 Comments - Brandon Mccaghren ( on Instagram: “Wing Sweep -> Triangle Choke” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::in-submission flexibility::none move::counter move::sweep start-position::seated submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Reverse Triangle from Modified Scarf Hold TimuraBJJ 14.9k Likes, 293 Comments - Timura BJJ (@timura_bjj) on Instagram: “Reverse triangle from modified scarf hold (Kuzure Kesa Gatame) . #bjj #scarfhold #triangle #choke…” art::bjj difficulty::purple end-position::in-submission flexibility::some move::submission start-position::scarf-hold submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Triangle From Bottom Side Control 168 Likes, 7 Comments - Smallguy JiuJitsu (@smallguyjiujitsu) on Instagram: “👉Have You Seen This ? 👈 ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ 👉Attacks From Bottom Side Control 👈. ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ 👉Tag,…” art::bjj build::little-people difficulty::blue flexibility::some move::submission start-position::side-mount submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Armbar From Keylock Trap System to Unstoppable Triangle Vanessa Wexler 2,836 Likes, 153 Comments - Vanessa Wexler (@vanessawexler) on Instagram: “Anyone can be a model at my seminar 💋😘🔥 DM me to book ☺️ . Small clip showing a quick #armbar from…” art::bjj difficulty::blue move::submission start-position::side-mount submission::armbar submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Snap Guard Socket Triangle Neil Melanson 792 Likes, 10 Comments - BJJ fanatics (@bjj.fanatics) on Instagram: “COMING SOON FROM @neilmelansonmma and @bjj.fanatics 🔥 Snap Guard 🔥 For now check out this SNAP…” art::bjj difficulty::blue flexibility::some move::submission start-position::seated submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video The Tightest Reverse Triangle Choke Braulio Estima Bernardo Faria 2,768 Likes, 31 Comments - @bernardofariabjj on Instagram: “THE TIGHTEST REVERSE TRIANGLE CHOKE BY @braulioestima . . . For more BJJ Instructional Videos check…” art::bjj move::submission move::theory submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Back Mount with a Hook Transition to Triangle John Danaher 561 Likes, 6 Comments - @usagrappling on Instagram: “🌟🌟🌟🌟 @danaherjohn ・・・ Matched pairs: A very important notion to advance your game is to understand…” art::bjj difficulty::purple move::submission move::transition start-position::back-mount submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Tricky Triangle Choke Setup From Butterfly Guard Orlando Rymer Bernardo Faria 720 Likes, 5 Comments - @bernardofariabjj on Instagram: “TRICKY TRIANGLE CHOKE SETUP FROM BUTTERFLY GUARD BY @orlandorymer . . . For more BJJ Instructional…” art::bjj difficulty::purple flexibility::some move::submission move::theory start-position::butterfly-guard submission::triangle uniform::gi
Video Footlock Escapes Mike Murrell 403 Likes, 42 Comments - Mike Murrell (@cavemikebjj) on Instagram: “Testing out the full suit from @supernaturalsurvivalgear with this highlight worthy Footlock escape…” art::bjj difficulty::purple move::escape move::submission start-position::ashi-garami submission::footlock submission::triangle uniform::nogi
Video Triangle Escape Asaf Michaelovitz 661 Likes, 72 Comments - Asaf Michaelovitz Jiu Jitsu (@asaf_mich) on Instagram: “TRIANGLE ESCAPE This escape is one of my most high-percentage escapes from any submission. By…” art::bjj difficulty::white end-position::side-mount flexibility::none move::defense move::escape submission::triangle uniform::nogi
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